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Frequently Asked Questions – eFoil Demos

What is the difference between a demo and a lesson?

For first-time users, there is very little difference (a demo is essentially a lesson).  The only difference could be that you try out multiple boards within the lesson.  For experienced users, the demonstration will depend on your prior experience and expertise. 

Will I get charged for a demo?

For first-time users, or beginners, you will be charged the same price as a lesson.  However this will be refunded in full when you purchase the board from H2O Foils.

How many boards can I demo?

In one session it is possible to try all 4 eFoil boards that we currently stock, however this will depend on your ability.  Our instructors will not let you transition to a smaller board until you have shown that you are capable on a larger board first.

Which boards can I demo?

Currently, we can arrange for you to demo any of the boards below: