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Frequently Asked Questions – Fliteboard vs Lift eFoil

We get this question a lot – hence the separate page.

Fliteboard and Lift Foils are the premium brands in the eFoil market.  Both are extremely high quality and built for both performance and endurance.  This post is based on our experience riding the different brands and aims to set out the differences between the two eFoil brands. Both brands are outstanding and we always encourage people who are looking at both brands to ride both and choose the brand and board that they feel are best for them.


As at October 2020, the price of a Lift eFoil is $18,650.  The equivalently optioned Fliteboard is (premium finish, explore battery and premium charger) is $18,745.  So you could say that the price is equivalent.  Please note that these prices are subject to change, so always check the pricing yourself.

Board Selection

Fliteboard offers 3 boards:
  • Fliteboard (5’8″)
  • Fliteboard Pro (5’0″)
  • Fliteboard AIR (6’6″ Inflatable board)
Lift offers 4 board sizes:
  • 4’4 Pro Model
  • 5’0 Sport
  • 5’6 Cruiser
  • 6’2 Explorer


The Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO boards are crafted with advanced PVC and carbon sandwich construction. The timber finish boards are finished in high quality ash top and biax-carbon bottom. The white and black boards are finished in ballistic grade carbon Innegra top and biax-carbon bottom. The Fliteboard masts are made from Aluminium. The Lift boards are made from premium carbon.  Lift Foil masts are full carbon.

Mast & Engine

As mentioned above the Fliteboard has an Aluminium mast that has a unique design where the engine is integrated with the fuselage between the front and back wings (i.e. the engine is more or less inline with the front wing).
Lift Foils have a more conventional design where the engine is attached to the mast and sits just above the wings.
Fliteboard argue that their design allows for a slightly longer mast and better control.  From our experience the Lift Foils ride gives just as much control and you can carve just as hard.  The pictures tell the story and your experience will confirm.
We personally prefer the Lift Foils set-up as:
  1. Having the propeller just above the wings give us an early warning signal (via the sound the propeller makes when it breaks the water) that the wings are close to breaching.  This allows the rider to shift their hips forward and avoid a crash.  We found that the Fliteboard didn’t have this feature, and once you breached the front wing a crash was inevitable.
  2. As the wings and fuselage are separate from the motor, the front and rear wings are interchangeable providing many options (including using the same wings on a non-powered foil (Surf, Wake, SUP, Wing etc…).

Does the eFoil have any warranties?

Yes, Lift Foils provides a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

The manufacturer’s limited warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.

During the warranty period, Lift Foils will replace, at no extra charge *, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal user and maintenance.

* You are responsible for any shipping costs (if applicable).

To obtain warranty service, you must first contact us to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you.

Does H2O Foils stock parts for the eFoils?

Yes, we carry stock of all parts here in Sydney. We are authorised to replace parts under warranty or otherwise.

Does the hand controller float?

Yes, the hand controller is not only fully waterproof, but it floats as well.

Can I use an eFoil to surf waves?

Yes, absolutely.  We recommend that you contact us for tips before venturing out in the swell and waves as it is another level.  Make sure that you find a spot that is free from swimmers, surf boards and other water users.  We don’t recommend that you use your eFoil in the beach break, but there are plenty of other waves that are suitable.  You don’t need a breaking wave to have fun, it is even possible to surf swell.  

Lift Foils provide a folding prop (which reduces the drag) and with the right wing setup will allow to take you finger off the throttle and free-surf waves.  The feeling in unbelievable.  

(Refer to the “Elevate your surf foiling with our folding prop” video on our Videos page.)

Do I need to register the eFoil?

No, not in NSW as the engine is not greater than 4 kilowatts in power. If you are in another state, you will need to check the regulations as they differ from state to state.

Do I need to licence to ride the eFoil?

No, not in NSW if the board is operated at or less than 18.5 kph. You are able to get up and foil at this speed (or less) with the larger wings (e.g. a 200 or 250 wing).

If you exceed 18.5 kph you must hold a general boat licence.

Please check the state regulations if you are not in NSW.

What are the regulations relating to eFoils?

For NSW, the regulations can be found at:

NSW RMS Regulations

In summary:

  • They must NOT be operated in a PWC Exclusion Zone (e.g. Sydney Harbour) unless a specific exemption is obtained.
  • They must NOT be operated between sunset and sunrise.
  • For the purpose of Registration, if the engine size > 4 kilowatts then the board is classified as a vessel (not PWC). Rego numbers must be clearly displayed on each side of the board, in figures that are at least 50 millimetres high, and in contrasting colour to the hull.
  • Riders must wear an appropriate lifejacket for a PWC (i.e. a minimum Level 50S lifejacket).
  • Riders must hold a general boat driving licence if the board is operated at 10 knots (i.e. 18.5 kph) or more.

The above exemptions to the PWC regulations cease to apply if the hydrofoil board operates at a speed above 25 knots (i.e. 46 kph).