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Efoil general

Frequently Asked Questions – eFoil General

How much maintenance does the Lift eFoil require?

The components and cables are triple sealed from moisture and composed of very high quality corrosion resistant materials requiring little to no maintenance.  The most important maintenance is to regularly inspect your board for damages that could have occurred after wipeouts and / or regular use.  Proper cleaning with fresh water and storage outside the sun after use is also advised.

What is the difficulty level?

People who have any experience surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and/or foiling will quickly be able to master the Lift eFoil.
For those with no experience, do not worry. It’s very easy to learn how to use a Lift  eFoil. The engineers at Lift specifically designed a system that is easy to use and fun for all types of levels- from beginners to advanced riders.

How do I use a Lift eFoil?

The feeling of flight is one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll sense.  We highly recommend that you book a lesson or demo with us.  We will fast track your learning and have you up and flying in a single lesson in a safe and fun learning environment.  We teach you in 4 stages and ensure that you gain confidence at each level before moving to the next.  The following videos briefly explain the learning process:



How long does the battery last?

Generally you will get about an hour of ride time with one battery, although the ride time depends on many factions (e.g. your weight, the size of the wing that you are using, the type of riding you are doing).  With the folding propeller and a 200 or 250 wing, and using the eFoil to ride swell or waves you can get up to 2 hours ride time. 

What happens when I run low on battery?

The hand controller gives you the percentage battery available when you are riding. When the battery gets to a very low level, the controllers will automatically throttle you back to a low power setting allowing you to get back to shore safely.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

The Lift eFoils come standard with a fast charger that will recharge a battery in 2 hours (or under if it is not fully discharged).

Which boards size is suitable for me?

Currently, we have four different board sizes to cater for all riders and abilities:

4’4” Pro : An advanced option and a shop favorite. The smaller size allows the board to swing more freely and make more aggressive turns. When up in the air, it feels like you’re riding free on the foil with nothing under your feet. It’s compact, meaning easy storage and handling. Note that this board is an advanced option and takes some more practice to fully dominate. Rider weight up to 90 Kgs.
5’0” Sport : A bestseller that’s the perfect size to do anything you want on the water. Slightly more challenging for eFoil beginners, but you’ll appreciate its sporty size after a few hours of practice. Rider weight up to 100 kgs.
5’6” Cruiser : This bestseller makes foiling easy for anyone. The perfect size for ample stability and plenty of excitement and performance. If you’re looking for confidence and also want to share the ride with others, this board is a stable option. Rider weight up to 110 Kgs.
6’2” Explorer : The Cadillac of our eFoil fleet. The 6’2 board sizes paired with the 250 Surf wing is made to kick back and just cruise along the coast. With maximum stability and float at slower speeds, this setup is built for comfort.

Does the eFoil have any warranties?

Yes, Lift Foils provides a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

The manufacturer’s limited warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.

During the warranty period, Lift Foils will replace, at no extra charge *, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal user and maintenance.

* You are responsible for any shipping costs (if applicable).

To obtain warranty service, you must first contact us to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you.

Does H2O Foils stock parts for the eFoils?

Yes, we carry stock of all parts here in Sydney. We are authorised to replace parts under warranty or otherwise.

Does the hand controller float?

Yes, the hand controller is not only fully waterproof, but it floats as well.

Can I use an eFoil to surf waves?

Yes, absolutely.  We recommend that you contact us for tips before venturing out in the swell and waves as it is another level.  Make sure that you find a spot that is free from swimmers, surf boards and other water users.  We don’t recommend that you use your eFoil in the beach break, but there are plenty of other waves that are suitable.  You don’t need a breaking wave to have fun, it is even possible to surf swell.  

Lift Foils provide a folding prop (which reduces the drag) and with the right wing setup will allow to take you finger off the throttle and free-surf waves.  The feeling in unbelievable.  

(Refer to the “Elevate your surf foiling with our folding prop” video on our Videos page.)

Do I need to register the eFoil?

No, not in NSW as the engine is not greater than 4 kilowatts in power. If you are in another state, you will need to check the regulations as they differ from state to state.

Do I need to licence to ride the eFoil?

No, not in NSW if the board is operated at or less than 18.5 kph. You are able to get up and foil at this speed (or less) with the larger wings (e.g. a 200 or 250 wing).

If you exceed 18.5 kph you must hold a general boat licence.

Please check the state regulations if you are not in NSW.

What are the regulations relating to eFoils?

For NSW, the regulations can be found at:

NSW RMS Regulations

In summary:

  • They must NOT be operated in a PWC Exclusion Zone (e.g. Sydney Harbour) unless a specific exemption is obtained.
  • They must NOT be operated between sunset and sunrise.
  • For the purpose of Registration, if the engine size > 4 kilowatts then the board is classified as a vessel (not PWC). Rego numbers must be clearly displayed on each side of the board, in figures that are at least 50 millimetres high, and in contrasting colour to the hull.
  • Riders must wear an appropriate lifejacket for a PWC (i.e. a minimum Level 50S lifejacket).
  • Riders must hold a general boat driving licence if the board is operated at 10 knots (i.e. 18.5 kph) or more.

The above exemptions to the PWC regulations cease to apply if the hydrofoil board operates at a speed above 25 knots (i.e. 46 kph).