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eFoil Rentals


Frequently Asked Questions – eFoil Rentals

What are the rental rates?

Our standard rental rate for an eFoil with a full battery is $220.  However we do have special pricing for repeat customers, please contact us for special pricing.

Do you just rent batteries?

Yes, for clients who have their own eFoil and just want to rent a battery, we have batteries available.  Please contact us for more information.

What are the rental conditions?

Do to our insurance cover we do have restrictions relating to rentals, but please check back in as these conditions may change.
If you are renting an eFoil the following terms and conditions apply:

  • You must have already had a lesson with H2O Foils or another Lift Foils Affiliate.
  • You must be accompanied by an H2O Foils instructor (i.e. you cannot take the board out of sight).
  • The batteries must be loaded and unloaded by an H2O Foils instructor and employee.

How many boards can I rent?

This will depend on our availability on the day.  Please contact us to book the rental.

Which boards can I rent?

Currently, we can arrange for you to rent any of the boards below: